Lapping tool VENTIL – ORBIT24 for flat valves seats, range: 6 – 24’’

The Ventil ORBIT 24 is a robust, lightweight valves grinding and lapping machine for ‘in-situ’ or in workshop. The unique construction makes the versatile ORBIT 24 suitable for all sorts of vertical seats of gate valve, check valves and horizontal mounted seats of cut-off and safety valves.

The main features of the device:

  • Flat seats lapping in range 6 – 24’’
  • Lapping of vertical and horizontal seats and closing elements (wedges) in one device.
  • The grinding heads are mechanically driven thanks to which the high quality of roughness and surface flatness are achieved.
  • Electrical or pneumatic drive motor, depending on model
  • Designed for use at workshop or directly at installation
  • Lapping foils billed by consumption
  • Delivery: ready for use