We offer customers with a different range of needs rental of machines and equipment

We are up to date with the technological advance, which is why we offer state-of-the-art solutions available on the market. The ability to rent equipment is a great way to test it before buying.

We offer the following options:

  • rental of mobile machine tool,
  • rental of ENERPAC hydraulic square drive torque wrenches,
  • rental of ENERPAC hydraulic cassette drive torque wrenches,
  • rental of ENERPAC hydraulic pumps;
  • rental of ENERPAC hydraulic tensioners;
  • rental of mechanical and hydraulic flange spreaders,
  • rental of tools for flange joints alignment,
  • rental with on-the-job training,
  • rental with the training at VERG training center,
  • rental with the supervision.

We cooperate with many reputable suppliers, thanks to which we offer you only proven solutions.

For users of mobile machine tools, fitting refurbishing devices and ENERPAC equipment, we have also prepared a special offer of the most commonly used accessories and machine parts, such as:


  • hydraulic and electric motors for mobile machine tools,
  • heads for facing of spot holes for mobile boring machines,
  • spindles with the diameter of 44,45,57,15,88,9 and 150 mm for boring machines,
  • high-efficient 11 kW hydraulic motors (flow from 20 to 60 l/min applied for mobile machine tools),
  • high-efficient hydraulic pumps (electric, battery operated and pneumatic) for torque wrenches use,
  • equipment for ENERPAC hydraulic wrenches (socket or cassette wrenches),
  • metric and inch cassettes for a high-torque drives (for drives of series W2000X, W4000X, W8000X, W15000X, W22000X, W35000X),
  • sockets for hydraulic wrenches with square drive head 1”, 1 ½” and 2 ½” (even up to 160 mm).

Mobile machine tool rental

Mobile machine tool rental with training or supervision

Rental of grinders for valves and gate valves

Rental of hydraulic motors for mobile machine tools