Demo BUS

The DEMO CAR project started at full power.

From November we offer a free on site presentation of our equipment at the customer’s premises. We have already hosted all over Poland in companies dealing with the chemical, energy, marine and other more industries.

Experience during time spent together with you allows us to improve the show car and always keep up to date with the needs of our customers.

On board Demo Car we have:

  • MM305i Flange Machine,
  • MM200e Flange Machine,
  • High-Performance Drill HT20,
  • TBM 45 Boring Machine
  • Polir F6 Lapping Machine for seat grinding
  • Orbit 24 device for valves regeneration
  • Pro5 and PRO10 Mobile Compactors

If you have questions or would like to schedule a presentation, feel free to contact sales department.

See you!