Lapping tool VENTIL – OPTIC 15 for poppet valves, discs, nozzles, rings

OPTIC 15 device serves the lapping and polishing. Ventil OPTIC15 is the complete solution for high precision finishing of safety valves seats, discs, nozzles and sockets (rings). OPTIC15 device may be applied to achieve flatness accuracy within 3 light bands ensuring the best seat tightness

Main features:

  • Durable design
  • Precise control elements
  • Timer
  • An automatic liquid diamond and oil based lubricate steering and dispensing system.
  • Lapping plate 15’’ / 380mm
  • Three rings 5.5’’ / 140 mm (maximum diameter for lapping work piece 5’’ / 125 mm)
  • Optionally – monochromatic light for measuring the flatness