MRY3000 milling machine is a device, which works well wherever there is a need for milling in 3 axes.

The machine is great for milling in the steel construction, ship building and petrochemical industries. Available in hydraulic or pneumatic version

The key features of the machine:

  • Robust design, 3 sliding axles
  • ISO 40 spindle
  • Set for mounting on magnetic base

Typical operations in which the machine is used:

  • Milling foundations for marine engines
  • Milling of steel structures
  • Turbine split lines milling
Maximum stroke in X axis 3000 mm
Maximum stroke in Y axis 305 mm
Maximum cutter diameter 254 mm
R.P.M 50 – 640
Z axis travel 80 mm
Pneumatic motor 3 kW
Hydraulic motor 3,7 kW
Pneumatic air consumption 6 bar, 2,7 m3/min
Machine feed 0-83 mm/obrót
Machine weight 460 kg