Flange Facing Mirage Machines MM3000i

Portable flange facing Mirage Machines MM3000i.

Machine designed for precision machining of different types of flange joints.

Versatile device equipped with standard pneumatic motor (optionally hydraulic). The machine is ideal for legalizing contact surfaces during renovation work, but also for machining flanges of wind turbine towers or wharf cranes in the production process.

The main features of the machine:

  • Availability of facing (ϕ 1150 – 3000 mm)
  • Machining of heat exchangers flat rebates
  • Mounting ability on perforated bottom
  • Ability to precisely select the feed and obtain the roughness specified according to the standards – bi-directional feed
  • Mounting base independent from main machine (easy installation)
  • Ability to perform back facing from one mounting of device using special attachment
  • Two options for power (pneumatic or hydraulic)