Unique flange machining concept, which ensures fast material removal with high accuracy. The hydraulic-based mounting system allows for fast and accurate positioning of the machine. Device specially designed for wind turbine tower processing.

The key features of the machine:

  • Quick installation of the machine with hydraulic system
  • Can be used in the production process
  • Installation on the inner diameter
  • Machining of flange rebates
  • Precisely adjustable rotation and feed
  • Machine radial-feed

Typical work in which the machine is used:

  • Wind tower base machining
Milling diameter 2500 – 4500 mm
Clamping diameter 2500 – 4000mm
R.P.M 0 – 5
Flatness tolerance 0,05mm na każdy 1 m
Hydraulic motor 3,75 kW
Air consumption needed 6 bar, 3 m3/min
Hydraulic oil needed 60l/min
Machine weight 3610 kg
Milling head speed 0 - 400 mm/min