2-axis portable milling mill LMR 1500 is a device that needs to be selected for use on heat exchangers.

The machine is great for milling in the steel, ship building and petrochemical industries. Available in hydraulic or pneumatic version.

Key features of the machine:

  • Lightweight design
  • ISO 30 spindle
  • Set for mounting on heat exchangers

Typical operations in which the machine is used:

  • Milling grooves on heat exchangers
  • Milling of light steel structures
  • Milling of turbine dividing lines
Maximum stroke 1500 mm
Maximum milling diameter 102 mm
R.P.M 50 – 640
Feed (Z-axis) 80 mm
Pneumatic motor 3 kW
Hydraulic motor 3,7 kW
Pneumatic air consumption 6 bar, 2,7 m3/min
Machine stroke 0-83 mm/obrót
Machine weight 138 kg