Versatile high-performance drill for general applications.

Machine can be bolted directly to the work piece or welded to the component. In addition, there is a special attachment for mounting the machine using a magnetic base.

Key features of the machine:

  • 4 legs supported robust design
  • Fast assembly system
  • Automatic gear shifting / manual transmission

Typical operations in which the machine is used:

  • Drilling in the chemical/petrochemical industry
  • Drilling holes in steel structures
Maximum drilling diameter 152 mm
Spindle stroke 450 mm
Maximum spindle stroke (optionally) 610mm
RPM 5 – 60
Pneumatic motor 3 kW
Hydraulic motor 3,7 kW
Pneumatic air consumption 6 bar, 2,7 m3/min
Machine weight 87 kg
Machine 0 – 32 mm/min