Cryogenic testing

Product description

Ventil company offers variety of test benches for the cryogenic testing of valves, intended for extreme operating conditions. We supply standard, „ready for use” solutions for the most of common range of valve types and sizes, but also design special systems and complete turn-key cryo – test facilities. Depending on the application and requirements, the test bench is completed with:

  • Liquid Nitrogen storage and supply system

  • One or several cooling baths, fully insulated and completed with integrated exhaust plenum chambers

  • Liquid Nitrogen spray – cooling system

  • Automatic, sensor controlled exhaust system

  • Oxygen level sensing and alarm system

  • Test temperature sensing

  • Hand controlled or fully automated helium/nitrogen gas test system up to 1,500 bar / 21,750 psi.

  • Seat leakage detection, measuring and automatic verification according to applicable standards

  • Full surrounding safety enclosure construction with automatic (interlock) doors