Vertical valve testing – Series VCB

VERG offers professional valve testing equipment in an upright position. Individual machines have different ranges, allowing testing of shut-off valves with parameters: ½ – 6, 10 and 16 inches; 1 – 16, 24 inches and 2 – 36 and 48 inches, other sizes available on request. Offered equipment is a perfect solution for manufacturers and valve repair service companies. The equipment has dedicated software, prepared for Windows-operated PCs, enabling digital reading of individual valve parameters, as well as storing and printing a certificate from the test.

The equipment allows testing valves with gas and liquid with the pressure specified by the User. All devices are ready for use after delivery. In addition to the sale of high-class equipment, we also provide training in service and service during the warranty and post-warranty period.

We invite to contact us and familiarize with the details of the offer, which also includes other equipment for testing industrial fittings. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal solution and provide detailed information about individual products. All devices are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.