Vertical and horizontal valve testing in - Series HVC

Testing valves in any position in the range 0-90o – HVC series

In our offer we have machines that allow for comprehensive testing of valves, in addition to vertical and horizontal position also in any position in the range 0-90o.

The variety of parameterization of individual machines allows checking valves with a diameter of 1/2 up to 64 inches. The test process automates the included software for Windows platforms.

The software primarily allows recording digital readings and verifying them for compliance with the standards. Users can also store and print personalized certificates from the test. Thanks to these facilities and the exceptional quality and accuracy of our devices, they can be used by both valve manufacturers and service companies.
The HCV series The HVC series enables comprehensive testing of shut-off valves. The test bench is designed to test the body and seat of valves, in accordance with international standards. The device allows two types of tests – gas and liquid, with the required pressure. The equipment, as soon as delivered, is ready for use.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer, including equipment for testing of cut-off valves vertically and horizontally. VERG specialists are at your disposal. They will help to choose a machine, as well as provide detailed information about each device we have on sale. Our services also include full service of purchased equipment, during warranty and post-warranty period.

We invite to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer, including testing equipment.