Pipe cutting and beveling equipment

VERG’s offer is also a wide range of pipe cutting and beveling equipment, which is primarily characterized by lightweight design, as well as the ability to cut all types of steel. The machines offered are an indispensable piece of equipment for any company involved in the pipelines construction, repair or maintenance. The devices allow cutting and beveling at high altitudes, as well as making grooves inside the pipe with use of accessories.

In our assortment we also have portable band saws, which are used for all piping elements. They are necessary for cutting poles, pipes, not only for surface work, but also for the undersea. They are used, among others, in the petrochemical industry, enabling even the most complex and precise pipeline-related work to be carried out.

Customers interested in the longitudinal cutting device will find the MBS 355-H machine, adapted to cut the studs between API 16 3/4 or API 13 5/8 flange connections. The device has a cutting range of 110 mm, cutting time (calculated on the M36 screw) is 3 minutes. The machine is powered by an 8 kW hydraulic motor for high-performance operation.

We invite to familiarize with the details of the VERG offer, including equipment for cutting and beveling pipes. Our specialists are at your disposal, will help in choosing the optimal solution, as well as provide all technical details of each machine. The equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.