Mirage 2-Axis mobile milling machines

VERG’s offer is also a mobile milling machine for a wide range of applications. On sale we have models dedicated to works in small milling ranges, as well as devices that will work for large and complex tasks. Equipment is high quality workmanship, warranty, as well as performance.

All devices are characterized by a robust design for stable and safe operation. Each of the offered machines is used in various industries, including steel, ship building or petrochemical. Using our many years of experience in the industry, we help customers in choosing equipment that will be tailored to their expectations, as well as the expected use.

If you are looking for comprehensive solutions that significantly increase milling capabilities, we recommend especially the gantry kits, with rails length spans of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 mm and feed powered with pneumatic or hydraulic motor. The kit is perfectly combined with MR, LMR and MRY machines. . The devices are ideal primarily for milling large flat surfaces, milling large bulky steel structures or gantry cranes.

We invite to contact us and get acquainted with our offer of milling machines and kits, including the following devices: MR500, MR1000, MR2000, MR3000, LMR1000, LMR1500, and LMR2000. We are at your disposal in terms of helping to choose the optimal solution. Just contact us for detailed technical information about specific equipment, as well as to learn its pricing options.