Flange machines

VERG offers, among others, flange processing flange equipment. VERG offers, among other things, flange processing equipment. The diverse range allows to choose machines for working with diameters: up to 8, 12, 24, 32, 40, 60, 80, as well as 120 inches. The equipment offered is precision, quality and reliability. Individual models are ideal for chemical industries, among others. They are available in hydraulic and pneumatic versions, providing machining of flange rebates, RTJ grooves, and other connections.

We also offer our customers machines with a lightweight design, mounted on an internal diameter. They are composed of a mounting base and a rotating machine with a rolling arm. They allow to make RTJ grooves, lenses and necks. They are ideal for rolling grooves under O-ring seals, as well as for repairs of collars on installations.

For customers looking for proven solutions for work on heat exchangers, we offer a special mounting system for perforated bottoms, allowing for precise treatment of rebates. Machines in this series can be mounted directly on the exchanger, making it easier and automating work. The product is available for MM610i, MM1000i, MM1500i, MM2000i and MM3000i series.

We invite you to familiarize with the details of the offer including specialized devices for machining flanges. Our employees are at your disposal. They will help you choose a specific machine by adapting it to the intended use. All products available in our shop are covered by the warranty. In addition to sales, we also offer a comprehensive service of purchased equipment, including modernizations and repairs of machine tools.